Storm Damage Roof Repair Project near Odessa TX

Storm Damage Roof Repair Project near Odessa TX

Rydell Roofing & Construction had the opportunity to perform a storm damage roof replacement job for a homeowner in Odessa, TX.

A hail storm came through the area and damaged a number on roofs in the area. One homeowner called us shortly after the storm subsided, asking that we stop by to inspect the roof damage and to provide him with a quote.

Our hand-selected storm damage repair crew, which was already in the area, so we were able to stop by his property later that same day. We looked at his roof and once we had finished going through all the details, the homeowner mentioned a concern he had. He said, “When can you get this work done because I don’t want the roof leaks to damage my drywall!” We assured him that because we are a local company, we could get the materials ordered and have our crew on site within 1 week! He was very pleased to hear this and hired us on the spot.

The roof was a large roof (100 squares). The project included their home, their garage and their outdoor kitchen patio flat roof that also needed to be replaced. When our crew arrived to start the next week, they started with the first step in our process by stripping the existing roofing. Next they laid down high quality synthetic felt for the underlayment and then installed heavy duty valley membranes and new pipe flashing. We finished off the roof with beautiful dark gray asphalt shingles that really added to the home’s aesthetic.

As a roofing company that stays current with all supplier certifications, we were proud to deliver this new roof both on time and under budget. The client was thrilled because budget and timeline were of utmost importance to him!

Thank you for choosing Rydell Roofing & Construction for your new roof installation!